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Equal Opportunity... but must be Christian (and not just any Christian)

I finally finished listening to the Old Testamaent and started on the New. I'll get around to posting my notes eventually, but I came across this job listing at Ohio Christian University that could just not be ignored.

I don't know how long the page will be up, so I'm reposting the relevant parts here.

From the linked page: There is a need for adjunct faculty to teach onsite in the adult degree program in the following area(s):

•Sciences (Chemistry, Earth Science, Biology)
•English Composition I and II
•Oral Communication
•Psychology and Counseling
•Substance Abuse Counseling
•Supply Chain Management
•Healthcare Management
Faculty members are selected on the basis of their ability to teach at the University level. The required professional qualifications include the following:

•Master's degree with at least 15 hours of graduate level courses in the chosen discipline.
•A professing Christian, who agrees to abide by University standards.
•An active member of a local church.

•Experience that relates to the area of teaching.

Emphasis is mine.

Now, what do you think their chances are of finding a competent teacher of biology, who is also both a professing Christian AND an active member of a church. (Never mind the earth science teacher? Can you find a competent one who thinks the Bible is unerring?) And of course, one then has to further ask, what is their idea of "Christian". Is a UU church good enough? Are Catholics Christian enough? (I can't tell you how many times I've had Protestants insist to me that Catholics aren't.) And then, there is this lovely bit in the margins, which is just too precious for words:

OCU is an Equal Opportunity Employer
As a religious educational institution operating under the auspices of The Churches of Christ in Christian Union, Ohio Christian University is permitted and reserves the right to prefer employees on the basis of religion (42 U.S.C., Sections 2000e-1 and 2000e-2).

Again, emphasis mine.

Is it not a bald-face contradiction in terms that you are an "equal opportunity employer" and then say from the beginning that the very first protected class in America, that of religion, was the one you reserved the right to discriminate by? They don't even work hard to conceal their lie. I really hope they aren't getting any public funds for their "university". You want to discriminate? Fine, but not on my dime, and not to teach shit science.

You might be thinking, how do I know it's "shit science"? Check out the webpage of The Churches of Christ in Christian Union. Their What We Teach page says it all right at the top:

God speaks to us through the Bible. The Spirit of God guided the Bible writers so that they wrote without error. The Bible contains all we need to know about God, about ourselves, and about life here and hereafter. It contains the good news and the bad news.

Again, emphasis mine.

Without error, huh? Everything we need to know about life, huh? And where exactly does that leave science? That statement above pretty much kills everything, from psychology to physics.

Of course, given what they are willing to pay their part-time faculty, they aren't going to get competent teachers in any field. The only people who will work there are going to be the people who the community colleges and real universities and private colleges don't want.

If you know of anyone planning to attend this school, I suggest there are better church-affiliated schools out there, ones that are actually competent and fair enough to merit some state subsidies. Even as a student look at their "non discrimination policy", especially this line:

Ohio Christian University does not within the context of its religious principles, heritage, mission or goals discriminate on the basis of sex in the area of employment, admission, educational programs or other activities.

Ladies? How many conservative evangelical ministers do you need to tell you to sit down and shut up before you get the hint?

Places like this make me ill.

(and before some theist wanders in here and tries to be all holier-than-thou, I didn't say they couldn't exist or that they should be banned... just no state/federal subsidies; and their right to exist does not in any way negate my right to say they are shit.)
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