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Testament, that is...

I will be posting the end of my notes on the old testament below, and I've finally managed to make it into the New Testament. My long drives will be over again until Christmas, very likely, so while this all may get broken up into two posts, I'm not likely to get much further into the Bible until the holidays arrive and I have another long drive ahead of me. But at least I can begin to see the end in sight. I may have things to say during the quarter, though. One of the philosophers I have to read loves to bash atheists, so I may make a point of commenting more on that here, more than I can really do on Twitter.

I think I'm picking up in Jeremiah...

From February!:

Lots of prophets running around. Telling people not to believe prophets, but how am I to know the real prophets from the false ones? Why believe this guy and not the guy at the next crossroads? Rather arbitrary. History is written by the victors, I guess.

I don't understand... naughty pigs? I don't understand my own comment.

That was very ungrateful. This guy releases Jeremiah from prison, but Jeremiah tells him that he's going to die because he is preaching rebellion against God, and then he dies that year. Thanks for nothing! Shoulda tossed his ass back into jail.

We jump ahead two months... to Jeremiah 47...?

I guess I don't understand why, if god is all powerful and that, why should he ever be unhappy? He doesn't have any real competition, not like the Greeks, so if it's all up to him, why should there ever be any reason why he can't have his way? Why have followers whom you know are going to constantly disappoint you? What is the psychology of that? He's beating the crap out of them? He's like a spoiled child. Okay, I'm psychoanalyzing god... ugh!

Didn't he just say people weren't supposed to believe anyone running around calling themselves a prophet? How come Jeremiah is called a prophet, then? God needs an editor, just for consistency.

Lamentations now.

Reminds me of my mindset when I was really depressed in college, and before I became an atheist, the paranoid delusions of god basically being out to get me. That's what this is like, talking about the Jews being carried off into the Babylonian capitivity. Why does god hate me? Why is he doing this to me? What did I do to deserve this? It's all very familiar, and rather destructive.

Ezekiel now.

Seems like Ezekiel is in first person, which is different that the rest. (2/3 points)

Sounds like an LSD trip. 4 faces and eyes, and floating... someone is smoking something.

We have an explicit statement that when you are righteous you can only help yourself and not anyone else. That sorta goes against this notion that (particularly with my Catholic grandmother) that you can pray to help others who are less worthy, to intercede with god, because he doesn't give a shit. Follow my rules or too damn bad. Granny can't save me.

Apparently a prerequisite for getting into heaven is not coming near a menstruous woman. I guess that kinda leaves all girls over the age of 13 in hell, then, huh? Let's kill people, but not go near a menstruous woman. And if you do, you aren't "just".

Another contradiction. A while back he said that man would bear the sins of the father onto the 7th generation, but now, no, we don't want that anymore so now the son doesn't get punished. The sons can be good and not be punished for their father's inequity. If he's all-knowing, wouldn't he have known he was going to change his mind?

If he turns away from his transgressions, you will live. But before, even if you are a just person and you commit one bad act at the end, you will be punished for all eternity because the very last thing you did in your life was bad. What have you done for me lately, I guess.

Ezekiel 19 is very confusing. Mixing metaphors is confusing.

Why is it so important to bring the heathens out of the wilderness to persuade them to follow god? If he can compel them to come into the cities, but he can't compel them to follow him? Or something? (21?)

Ranting about lewd women in Ezekiel 23. Nothing about the men, but let's kill the women.

Can someone please explain to me why god likes fat and blood from animals?

Into Daniel...

sorta homoerotic...

King tells his servant that he wants his dream interpreted, but he can't remember the dream. How is the king going to know if he just makes something up?

Why make Nebacanzzar king in order to enslave his people? This is totally illogical.

This description of Daniel's vision (9?) sounds very much like an epileptic fit. The details are just like a seizure. Hallucinations, and loss of muscle control...

What was I doing in April that I did so much driving?


Obssessed with harlotry and whoredom. Uses the words a lot. And punishing the children of these women. Why the woman and children being punished, but not the men... How did they decide which books were included in the Old Testament/Torah. Some of these are histories, and some are giving messages, and this one is like just a big long warning about how if you don't do what I tell you, big nasty punishments are coming your way. These warnings are already in there elsewhere, but why this? Individual testimonies of good men or prophets are like personal testimonies, but what is the logic because a book like Hosea? What was the context for thinking that there was a need for this?

Hosea 12 they refer to the battle of Jacob with the angel. But he beat the angel. If he beat the angel, then the only way Jacob could have done this, if angels are what they say they are, is if the angel let him win. And while that might be meaningful to Jacob, to me that's like manipulation. I'm gonna let you win in order to make you think you are such hot stuff that you will do what I tell you to do?

They've started referring to the Grecians. So these are quite late.

The claim that the Jews are the only civilization in the bible that survived to this day is obviously not true.

Two years before the earthquake? What earthquake?

Jonah and the whale...

I didn't realize there were two stories about a "fish" swallowing two different people. Job was just being fucked with, but Jonah is really bad. Kinda lacking in imagination. This is the book of Amos? Or whatever is before Micah... they are so short now they are hard to keep track of.

When was the last time you heard someone quote Habakuk? Like the third or fourth to last book in the Bible? Have you ever heard anyone quote it? Or even heard it? They talk about uncovering your foreskins and shameful spewing... virtuous Christians have got to turning beat red at this.

Zephaniah is another one. All these ones at the end... No one ever quotes these because they never make it to the end!

Is this the same Darius Herodotus talks about or a different one?

That's the end of the old testament... let's put the new testament stuff in another post...
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