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The God Delusion

I'm almost done reading The God Delusion by Richard Dawkins. Yeah, I'm kinda behind... and technically, I'm not reading it, I'm listening to the unabridged audiobook, but I'm halfway through the last CD so it seems pretty safe to comment now.

I really enjoyed the CD. In a lot of ways, it reminds me of Carl Sagan's The Demon-Haunted World. I don't think when I read that book that I was completely ready for the message. I recall finding it a little on the harsh side, even though I agreed with nearly everything. I did not have the same reaction to The God Delusion. The political context for the book is completely different. My experiences have included even more examples of blatant discrimination against me because of my lack of religion. Many things have changed. I am ready for this kind of message now in a way that my twenty-something self was not.

That having been said, I have taken several of the books referenced in Dawkins book and added them to my audiobook listening list for the summer. I have a lot of driving to do, so I expect to get through quite a few unabridged editions. If I had more time to read, going back and reading his evolutionary biology books might also be interesting.

Things are otherwise pretty crazy right now. I have several posts I've been saving info to make, but haven't gotten around to putting up. I'll get to them eventually. I heard about an Atheist Alliance International conference in DC this September that I am seriously thinking about going to... finances permitting. I will post a link to it later (I don't have the email with it on me right now). I'm a little on the stress-out side, so a "vacation" would be nice. And after someone posted a comment on another one of my blogs about how believing in astronomy was just as preposterous as believing in god... I really need to be around people with a rational disposition.
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