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I finished listening to The Power of Myth this week. There was actually a point in the program where Bill Moyers asked Joseph Campbell about those "without any invisible means of support". Campbell's answer was incredibly condescending. He suggested that such people deserved a believer's compassion. And see, I was thinking the same thing about his need to read mysticism into human psychology.

After that I listened to the abbridged audiobook for Atheist Universe. I doubt I'll be buying the rest of the book. Not because I disagreed with anything in particular, or didn't think it had it's value, it's just that, at this point in my life, I'm not really looking for Bible verses to quote back at believers. One of these days I'll finish reading the Bible myself.

Another one that went really quickly was Letter to a Christian Nation by Sam Harris. That was really enjoyable. If nothing else, it was an interesting exercise in how to argue one's case in a way that understand's one's audience. It reminds me of teaching math. I don't try to teach my students the way I would learn it best, but the way I hope they will understand it. However, asking a believer for consistency is usually asking a lot. But I'm looking forward to listening to The End of Faith.
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