inafoxhole (inafoxhole) wrote,

another crazy ohio law

Because I live in Ohio and was born and raised in Ohio, one of the things I'm collecting in my blog are crazy Ohio laws related to religion. Austin Cline was kind enough to write about one earlier today. The law is originally reported here.

The law seems to claim that no one can be arrested on a Sunday, in addition to no arrests on the 4th of July and, if I happened to be traveling to or from my place of worship, not then either.

Now the last one is particularly bizarre, but not really that strange for Ohio. I mean, since most Christians travel to their places of worship on Sunday, is this trying to cover Jews? Or just Christians who go to church in the middle of the week, like my grandmother? And once they get home or to their place of worship, doesn't that mean the police can just follow them and arrest them when they get wherever they're going?

And that first part, shouldn't that apply to even non-believers, too? Couldn't I commit a crime on Sunday (a misdemeanor of some kind), in plain sight, and simply drive across the state line immune from prosecution? I could, according to this law, come back into the state every Sunday none the worse for wear.

I'll have to remember this one in case I ever find myself in trouble.

But from reading the law, it's hard to see what would not be a felony, but not a breach of the peace.

It's just another attempt to give religious people or religious dates in general some kind of special status that ultimately doesn't make any sense. The blue laws in Ohio are equally inconsistent.
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