inafoxhole (inafoxhole) wrote,

what does "no soliciting" mean to you?

I just had someone knock on my door from one of the local "bible schools". She wants to know if she was calling at a bad time...

At that moment I'm thinking "It's always a bad time for people like you."

But I simply said "I'm an atheist. I have absolutely no interest."

To me, "no soliciting" means NO SOLICITING, even for your ridiculous gods! ESPECIALLY for your ridiculous gods. Why do they think they are allowed to ignore this?

I wasn't really dressed to deal with her so I was glad she left quickly.

Frankly, I'm surprised it took this long for someone to knock on my door. I am a little curious what is in the Hebrews that she could possibly want to talk to me about, though, because that's the page she was fingering in her little bible.

Now we get to see if they send back bigger guns or if the word gets spread around to save their breath.

Someone knocked on my door last night at almost 10 p.m. too. I hope it wasn't them, because that's just plain rude. But I didn't answer the door, so I don't know.

Incidentally, I was listening to a 3-CD lecture on Das Kapital, by Karl Marx. It was very interesting, and even a kind of sad irony. Marx wanted to treat ecomonic theory scientifically, he said. And though some of his arguments were circular (particularly with respect to his labour theory of value), I think he would have been dismayed that his writing was taken to be ideological fact, despite the obvious fact that the capitalist economy was NOT evolving in the way he thought it would. Certainly, I think one can argue that modern communism lacks all the spirit of Marx. (Remind you of modern Christianity? Especially American Protestantism?) What was also interesting was the other economists made similar arguments based not in atheism, but in Christian morality.
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