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Book of Mormon (Part 3)

I'm also getting REALLY irritated by the author's use of "wherefore". I mean, it's completely bogus. He seems to use it as an equivalent of "therefore" and not "why" which is what it actually means. The whole language is all pseudo-archaic. It's getting really aggravating. So far, I think the 'regular' bible has got to be more entertaining. Every once in a while I can hear the reader turn the page. Listening to the same voice, with the same "profound" inflection for 21 CDs... I'm not sure how much of this is going to register in the long run.

More: If the first book of Nephi kept repeating "it came to pass", the second book of Nephi keeps repeating "behold" and "woe onto" so-and-so. This book is so badly written, it's really amazing. There is this endless string of cliches. I mean, there are some parts of the bible that I know some people have commented to me are boring (like the long list of ____ begat _____), but that style at least conforms to other oral traditions of the day. The Norse sagas do the same thing. But it doesn't last forever, it's just at the beginning of certain stories, and then it goes away. The stuff the Book of Mormon does are ubiquitous. And so far everthing is just a series of doubt, prophecy, rejoice, and some exhortations to follow god's will. Repeat and shake well.

There is this story in 1 Nephi about before they fled Jerusalem for the wilderness. Nephi's dad, Lehi, wanted these "brass plates" that described his family history (and some books of Moses) to take with him. They were being held by another member of his extended family. Nephi and his brothers were told god wanted them to have them. So when buying the plates didn't work, Nephi, the future prophet, took a sword and cut off the guy's head... now that's morality for ya. What else can we justify by saying 'god said I should"?

And frankly, I'm getting really tired of the excessive use of the word "whore" to describe all things bad, with only the occasional in-mixture of "harlot". This is also a passage that I just passed about someone having seven wives which stood out.

Still only on CD #4.
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