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The Book of Mormon (Part 6)

I've started CD #9, and I'm caught in abominable traffic, so I thought this might be an okay time to commwnt further.

They keep talking about liberty. The end of Mosiah talks about how they abolished kings for god wanted liberty above all else... religious liberty in particular. Um, yeah. Can you tell it was written in America?

I'm also not real fond of this notion that the judges that rule them now are led by their chief judge who is also the high priest. We certainly don't want to follow that example. Think about that in the context of Utah (who had to change religious doctrine to get statehood) and Mitt Romney. Republicans, ask yourselves seriously if you want a Bush-style Mormon running the country with this kind of tradition. Is that prejudiced? I'd ask the same question of conservative Catholics these days.

I'm also confused how they can have a high priest without practicing "priestcraft". Because at the beginning of Alma, they complain about someone starting to do this... Someone other than Alma.

I'm still trying to figure out the point of this whole made-up historical drama?

Oh, so if you believe the wrong thing, your skin will turn brown? Uh-huh. And if you believe the right thing, it will stop being brown? So I guess there are no black Mormons?
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