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The Book of Mormon (Part 7)

So, if you follow the correct teaching and leave it, god will have no mercy... But if you believe wrong things and call on god, he will answer their prays and forgive them? Why does that seem a little backwards? Shouldn't you be more forgiving of your chosen people than the people who've been bad all their lives? Evil or perfection? No middle ground?

Starting this story 600 BCE so that Joseph Smith can provide 600 years of "prophecy" before Jesus showed up is really clever. From the perspective of the sucker, it really is quite clever.

There is this section in Alma with all these ridiculous made-up words. (The names are pretty silly, too.) It leads directly into a claim that atheists really KNOW there is god, but they deny him. (That old saw!)

This whole discussion of death and redemption and probation is very confusing. Temproal death, spiritual death... Very confusing. Throw in a little Adam together with Jesus, mix.

Why is it that in all these stories people want to kill the "prophets" for "speaking plainly"? I speak plainly about their religion, is that why they want to kill me?
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