March 14th, 2007

science wins

Faith-based = moral... um, yeah

Why is it that theists continue to try to assert that they have the monopoly on morality when time and again they are proven wrong? When one secular person gets accused, it's an indictment against every other secular person; but when it's a religious person, even acting in the name of that religion, well, that's just one man?

Well, Ohio's state faith-based office is under investigation. Why? Misspending money that was supposed to be spent on helping people, people who really needed help. What did they spend the money on instead? Among other things, $15,000 for some 50-inch televisions. Are 50" TV really necessary? Even if you are trying to set up remote training between sites to cut down on travel as the article asserts... are 50" TV necessary to do this? And further, the article asserts that the remote link never worked. You think they might have experimented with smaller TVs first?

Yeah, they've got all the faith in the world, but logic and morality escape them.