August 11th, 2007


courage of atheism

This is a lovely blog entry about Pat Tillman.

I have had people tell me recently that heroes are stupid, and this was specifically in the context of Pat Tillman, and that bridge collapse in Minnesota. That kinda of attitude is more than a shame. It's pointedly selfish and immoral, and it always makes me a little sick to my stomach that that kind of opinion is tolerated and found acceptable.

And this has nothing to do with my opinion about being in either Afghanistan or Iraq. I may object to many things about our military presence in the Middle East, but when you believe that something needs to be done, there is nothing more heroic about accepting that risk when there is no safety net. If we must blame someone for our presence in the Middle East, blame those who put us there, not the people who believed the kernel of truth in their lies.

No, courage is always smart because it sees beyond the self. It is only stupid to see nothing beyond your own nose, because then you really are alone.