March 1st, 2008



I just pulled all the bills out of my wallet and blacked out the phrase "In God We Trust".


Because I was reading an article that suggested that this was "militant". And you know I want to be just as militant an atheist as I possibly can...

Although, I can't figure out for the life of me how this is supposed to be even aggressive, never mind "militant".
tree frog


I've been listening to Darwin's Origin of Species on audiobook, and I have a question...

Why is it that 9th grade biology is not completely dedicated to teaching evolution? Seriously, if evolution is the foundation of modern biology and medicine and genetics, etc., etc., why then is this not the focus of the biology curiculum? Surely, many other things can be taught along the way, but why is not at least one year dedicated to providing the evidence for supporting this foundational theory?

Is this not completely obvious?