July 5th, 2008


Bible: Genesis

You know that story of the first circumcision is really horrible if you think about it. What choice in it did the servants or the 13-year-old Ishmael have? Yuck!

Does it not seem obscene that Abraham did not even protest when god asked him to sacrifice his son? This glorifying of blind obedience is replusive.

That's a strange turn of phrase when Rebeka I introduced. She was "virgin, neither had she known of men"... Doesn't this suggest a usage of virgin that implies only "young girl"?

Abraham gave up the ghost? It's like reading Shakespeare and running into all these turns of phrase that have become cliches.

Lying about their attractive wives seems to be genetic!

For all of god's claim of interest in justice, he's remarkably susceptible to human machinations such as that between Rebeka and Jacob against Esau.

There is an awful lot of brother-sister and first cousin marriages in Genesis. Abraham, Isac and Jacob, all did this. That can't be good.

You know, this story of Jacb's wives.. Who says women aren't competetive?

Interesting conception biology.

They don't eat the sinew of the thigh that shrank??

What is the death these pillars?

It's easy to see now where the Book of Mormon pretends to take its style. There is a lot of "and it came to pass" passages. But the bible, at least this version, it written far better. It's not (yet) nearly as irritating.

Quitting at the story of Joseph.

50 reasons (NOT) to believe in god

#24 Our 'inventor' of evolution, Mr. Charles Darwin had his to day to Lady Hope when he was almost bedridden for 3 months before he died: "I was a young man with unfathomed ideas. I threw out queries, suggestions, wondering all the time over everything, and to my astonishment the ideas too like wildfire--people made a religion of them." Darwin then asked Lady Hope to speak to neighbours the next day. "What shall I speak about?" She asked. He replied: "Christ Jesis and his salvation. Is that not the best theme?"

I'll just send you here, because the whole story is a damn, propagandistic lie.

However, even having said all that... it makes not one wit of difference in whether evolution was true, or whether there is a god. For either question, evidence is what is required, not the word of a prophet.