July 19th, 2008


50 reasons (NOT) to believe in god

#40 Think about near death experiences. It's naive to believe that they all are induced by chemicals or drugs. How do we account for a blind person having this experience, coming back to describe what they had never before seen, a person telling a doctor that there is a blue paperclip on top of the high cabinet, which they couldn't have otherwise known, an african man being dead in his coffin for three days, coming back to life to tell of much the same events which took place on those of many others? We never hear of the witnesses describing "a dream". We're not silly - we know the difference between even the most vivid of dreams to that of reality.

It's naive to believe that as your brain is being deprived of oxygen that it isn't capable of playing tricks on you.

Yet again, I hardly know where to begin there is so much wrong in this statement. No one says that near death experiences are all induced by chemicals or drugs. Oxygen deprivation works just fine. As does the delirium from a high fever. Or any number of other possibilities.

How is a blind person describing what they "saw" unless they've seen something before?

So now out-of-body experiences prove the existence of god? Even if you could show there was a soul, and it was capable of an out-of-body experience (which I won't grant), you could not then use that to prove the existence of heaven or god. Lots of cultures have beliefs about souls that are not connected to a belief in god (i.e. they are incidental to god belief).

If the guy was "dead" in his coffin for three days, and then "came back to life", it's probable that he wasn't really dead at all. If his body hadn't started decomposing, that would be a pretty good bet. And without sophisticated medical equipment, it's not as difficult as one would think of confusing a deep coma or other state with death.

And yes, I've heard of quite a few people describing things that were hallucinations or dreams and confusing them with reality. Our theist has obviously been blocking it out.

You don't have to be silly to be deluded.