January 7th, 2009

science wins


Due to the traffic today, and my nifty TomTom Traffic service, I took a different route home from school than I usually do. On the way, I passed this HUGE church. "Megachurch" would do it justice. The building is bigger than my high school and junior high put together. I've seen school campuses smaller than the building. I forget the name of the church, but the name made it pretty clear it wasn't Catholic, yet on the sign right under it was the name of the pastor: Bishop Timothy L. Clarke.

Now, I'm sorry, but I grew up Catholic. Historically, the only people that can legitimately call themselves "bishops" are Catholics and Episcopaleans/Anglicans. Or maybe Orthodox, too. They are the only ones with an unbroken line to bishops going back to Peter, or whatever. All these other denominations have lay ministers. How does an uneducated, lay minister become a "bishop"? I know there is some other guy going around calling himself "bishop" such-and-such, too, so now this is some kind of trend. At first I thought the first guy I'd heard of going by Bishop was maybe using it as a first name (which would be weird, but conceivable), but clearly that's not the case.

It's not that I'm standing up for bishops or anything as somehow being "legitimate", but the word means something. And now these people are killing it. It's not like it has some vague meaning that applies to any Christian denomination. It's another example of taking the language and twisting it around to mean whatever the hell you want. No wonder they have no logical skills and can't make sense of anything. Rather than figure out what a word means, or looking up the appropriate word, or inventing a new word if one doesn't exist, they just mangle the meaning to suit whatever they want and destroy any ability to communicate whatsoever.

I don't even want to Google Bishop Timothy L. Clarke to find out about his church. I'm afraid about what I might find.