January 30th, 2009

science wins

more Pat Condell

Agreeing with stuff like this is how I get accused of being right wing... but it doesn't happen so often because of the identification of the right wing with Christianity. It's usually quite a shock. For a while, though, watching this, when Pat was talking about an elected politcian who made a movie criticizing Islam, I was afraid he was talking about Ayaan Hirsi Ali. It turns out he's not, but to really understand the impact of the ruling he's talking about, he very easily could be, and don't forget that the other person involved in the film she made was actually assassinated by Muslim extremists in the middle of the day.


Darwin is just that scary!

A community not a mile from where I live is in an uproar over a proposed Science Month... having been talked down from Darwin Day, people are now "upset" about the fact that only Darwin and Galileo are specifically named. What about all those "other" scientists? Yeah, what about them?

C'mon people. It's one excuse after another. It's so appropos, because it's just like the arguments of creationists against the fossil record and all the "missing links". You move to try to satisfy their objections, and they just move the goal posts. That's all they've done here. Everyone in the area should be writing to these people and telling them to that we are bright enough to handle Science Month at the same time as Black History Month. I mean, seriously, read this drivel:

Councilwoman Jacquelyn Thompson originally suggested declaring Feb. 12 Darwin Day in honor of the 200th birthday of the man who conceived the theory of evolution. However, she watered it down to "Science Month" and added Galileo's name in a compromise two weeks ago.

"The whole idea of this was to recognize the events," she said at a council meeting yesterday. "I thought it was a great opportunity to show that we value science, we value inquiry and we encourage our students to open up to the world."

A few council members replied with shouts of "Not my children!"

Are you kidding me? People are proud of not wanting their kids to be interested in the world around them? A bald-faced admission that they reject science? Where is their Quaker garb, pray tell? Take away their iPods right now.

Sick. These people are doomed.