February 14th, 2009



I just met PZ!!

We had a very lovely conversion about Phil and Mensa and other stuff.

He's doing the thing in Columbus he mentioned about(I'll post a link later maybe). I arrived a tad early. (I am suddenly wondering if Torchwood started this week over here or next? I guess I'll catch it on the late night rerun or whenever.). I didn't know if I'd get lost. OSU is not my usual stomping grounds.

I'll post more when it's over.
science wins

Darwin day dinner

Everything is over now and I'm back home. Not sure what else there is to say. PZ talked about Darwin and Design. Basically, he discussed features of less advanced organisms that were related to some of the features of humans that are often attributed to design... such as brains. It was very interesting, but I'll never remember the names of most of the simple organisms he discussed to repeat them.

Still, dinner was good too.

And it got me out of the house.

I'm not convinced I wast to join the local humanist club though. But I guess I'll think about it again.