April 15th, 2009

science wins

real winner...

A student posts this to a discussion on critical thinking. It's a direct quote:

The Bible is the word of God. If you wish for salvation, it can only be found by faith and allowing the Son of God Jesus Christ into your heart. Taking time to study other gods, would better be served in reading the word of God.

Somehow, I think he missed the point. This is the second student this term to say the Bible was the only book they needed to be "good" thinkers.


So glad some of the other students are taking him to task over this and I don't have to...

But then, I asked what "other" books we could read, and the same guy says:

There are many books in the Bible you can choose from. There is a lot to be learned in each book. Every time I go through it or hear a sermon, I learn a new meaning or think wow that pertains directly to today's times.

Again, direct quote. I think he's doing it deliberately now.