July 12th, 2009



I've gotten as far as Psalms on my audiobook listening tour of the bible. still have lots of audio notes I need to transcribe from February (!) but I will try to get to it soon. It's been on my to-do list, really...

Not sure how much of this story I've posted here before, but let me give you a little rundown on what's been happening so that the rest of this post can be put into the proper context. I met someone I really, really like... unfortunately, among the many potential problems with the relationship: I'm an atheist but he's a Christian. (Throw in the fact that I'm seven years his senior and it's a big mess.) Fortunately, he's brilliant, pro-science and a liberal Christian, so all is not lost... there is also that matter that I think he thinks of me only as a friend, or else he's afraid of another relationship, very mixed signals on that score, but that's another story. We haven't really talked that much about religion. I think he's actually been avoiding it on purpose. However, the other day we got into a big discussion over email about it. (You gotta love people who try to explain religion by an allusion to science fiction... you just do.) It was a very cordial discussion, but he said something at the end of one email that caught my attention:

I do wrong and I do it often in fact I am tempted to do wrong right now...

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I haven't received a reply yet, and frankly, I expect that I won't. Now, though, if I could just deal with the temptation of procrastination!

Oh, I may have also gotten myself into a close reading of the New Testament. I did insist that it had to be in the original Greek. :) But that will take FOREVER. I'll post my translation as I go, but don't expect that any time soon. I'll have to dig out the first six lines of John I already did. Don't worry. I'm quite comfortable in my atheism. No book is going to convince me to believe in god, especially one with as many problems as I already know the New Testament has. Nothing wrong with becoming an amateur biblical scholar is there? Too bad I don't know ancient Hebrew. :) (just kidding)