September 8th, 2009


2 Samuel to 2 Kings

Picking up where I left off.

Are they telling me that David screwed up, and god sent an angel to kill 70K people, and god repented of his sins and told the angel to stop. I wonder how many people god supposedly killed in the bible directly, or by hardening the heart of someone deliberately so that they would cause deaths to happen?

This makes sense: David is old and he's cold, so they bring him a damsel, a virgin, to help him warm up. The way wives are described in relation to their husbands is really kinda sick. Interesting how all these kings have their own "prophet". What is the point? a seer? Sounds very fantasy. Never knew fantasy was that biblical.

When you hear the story of Solomon and David, he was like the youngest son. They never talk about how the two older sons died. Birth order, personality?

I don't get this concept of fearing someone because they are wise. Seriously, if they are that wise, what is there to fear?

In Kings now...

This scene where Solomon built the Temple, and god comes to the "house", not only is he regularly anthropomorphic, but aren't other people witnessing this? And if Solomon is so wise, why does he like so many "strange" women?

This section where god is raising up enemies against Solomon, it sounds a lot like they had the David story, and they had the Solomon story and now they are trying to sort of go back and make it all integrate properly.

it doesn't sound like a very effective deterent if you don't punish the criminal, and instead punish the children? What if the guy dies and he doesn't get to see how their kids are suffering for what they have done? I mean, think Pavlov might have something to say about this risk-reward thing. Very messed up.

Billboard on road near Knoxville: One nation under Me. (God). Boy, is that obnoxious.

They seem to be making the case here that it's a bad thing for a leader to institute a holiday that is not of god's devising.

Now in the book of the Chronicles of the Kings of Israel. There was a king named Ahab, who provoked the anger of god more than anyone else, then I'm curious if anything in Moby Dick references this?

Why is it so easy to get god to do anything you want in the OT, but he's so totally not around today? I mean the challenge between Elijah and ??, why is it not okay to test god now? I mean, we've basically done this, and nothing has happened. Why was it okay then, but not now? And if supposedly worked then, but not now?

Passing a giant white aluminum cross, just like the one near Effingham? in Illinois, near the junction of 35 & 70? It's seriously ugly!

It's interesting how the Israeli's, like the king, rides mules, but they go to war on horses. What's the deal with that?

Were there ever wild lions in the Middle East?

In 2 Kings, is this the same Elijah that we met in 1 Kings? Sounds different?

So killing 42 children in the name of god for teasing him for being bald is okay? That sounds very childish.

I don't get it. Who got called up to heaven? I thought Elijah got called up to heaven, but here he is? Confused.

The bible even has cannibalism.

I don't think I understand most of the point behind most of the stories in 1/2 Kings. Solomon didn't do what he was supposed to do, so they divided Israel. And the sons of David just got Judah... okay. But I don't get the rest of these stories. What is the point?

(Driving through the Appalacians has really interesting geology... tempting to watch the sides of road and not the road itself. Some places I really just want to pull the car over and climb some hill looking at some coal seam, or some other feature. The science geek in me is making it really hard to concentrate!)

All these kings and wars... and Jezebel is still alive? Is this a different Jezebel? Multiple books refering to the same people makes it really confusing. I don't think the NT will be fun to listen to. Hard to keep track of the chronology if you are getting a bit here, a bit there...
red dice

Separation of Church and State?

Doesn't it seem particularly unfortunate that a speech, by the President, intended to be broadcast and recorded in schools, where teachers are strictly forbidden from appearing to endorse a particular deity or denomination, ends with "God bless you. God Bless America"?

Surely, someone must have told him that was an unconstitutional endorsement of religion by the government?

2 Kings to Psalms

You'll notice that women can't take responsiblity for themselves. The men have to kill Jezebel and that will solve all our problems. Revenge on her for them doing bad things, as though that will fix things with god. Like that makes any sense.

This king has 70 sons? Sick.

What about 10 commandments? Not bearing false witness? It was with "great subtlety" that the king lied to the people, gathered up all the servants of Baal, and apparently, is killing them off. Whatever happened to not lying?

Elijah gives the king instructions to smite an arrow against the ground in order to smite Syria, but he only does it three times, so he dies and ends up not fighting it as well as he could have, and Elijah is not upset with him. He didn't tell him what to do, and then got upset with him for not reading his mind.

When did Moses say that father's shouldn't be put to death for the sins of their sons, and the sons not for their father's? I don't remember that. I remember more about visiting the sins of the father upon the kids into the 4th generation.

They might deprive that 4th generation of a little extra suffering?

All the other gods are made up, but not their own? this one worshiped a graven serpant that Moses made?

Passage here where translation talks about "you are THE god". I'd really like to see what the original said, whether that "the" is there or not.

Interesting that when they rediscover the book of the Lord, that they went and consulted a woman.

This good king, he won't have to see the suffering of his people. Wouldn't the king be more comforted if his people were not actually punished, instead of just punishment delayed until after he's dead?

The description they are giving of events are very non-linear. Sometimes they talk about a person dying--and of course, they don't say dying, they say 'slept with their fathers' or something--and they go back and describe other things that happened, and it seems like the same person.

1 Chronicles now... (so maybe they are repeating), and another long genealogy.

Driving through Cincinnati is like driving through Pittsburgh... and that's not being complimentary.

When did Ruben defile his father's bed again? The names are starting to run together.

They make these nationalities sound more like clans, than nationalities.

The archaeological evidence suggests that Bethlehem didn't exist in Jesus' time... what are they referring to as Bethlehem? Another Bethlehem?

Given that they were supposed to fear the Lord, why welcome him coming down and judging him? That seems a bit masochistic.

Here they are now referring back to something in Kings, back to the declaration by god having been in effect, and here they are now, in Chronicles, they are saying what that declaration said. Very nonlinear.

Guy behind me on road is pointing at bumperstickers... we are now picking up 4-5 months later in notes.

Can you imagine how long these genealogies would be if they actually cared about the women?

I don't understand why David can't build the Temple, because he was a man of war... he went to war because god told him to go to war.

reference to the book of Geb? Jeb? Gab? Did I miss something? Lost?

The fire came down from heaven, huh? You mean like a lightning bolt or a meteor?

A thousand thousand men (million) came out of Ethiopia... I don't think so.

So we should not love the ungodly. Great.

Is that a woman ruling over Israel?

In Nehemiah now...

Oh, the iniquity of Jerusalem! People do good things all the time. Bad things happen to good people all the time, and then, afterwards, are accused of doing bad things so that they deserve what they got. It's a way of exercising an illusion of control, so that you think that if you don't do those bad things, then nothing bad will happen to you. but that sense of control is an illusion. Bad people get away with things; good people are punished. Of course, the survivors would try to say later on that if we'd just followed the rules none of this would have happened.

Doesn't seem very godly. In Job now. doesn't seem very godly for god to be taunted by Satan. I mean, shouldn't he be bigger than that? Doesn't it make him sound 4? Let's just make this guy suffer because Satan wants to prove a point? I double dog dare you!

Doesn't the relationship between god and Job sound very codependent?

Interesting, this is the end of Job or beginning of Psalms... they translated them into English names, like Orion, etc. But I'd be interested in seeing what they were called in the Hebrew and how well they lined up. Were they Bablylonian in origin or native? Maybe Egyption borrowings? Okay, end of Job.

Psalms talking about the ungodly, how they won't stand in righteousness, or something...

Some of these Psalms sounds like poems to a missing lover. Soul pining for you... actually kinda gross.

Okay, we are done with notes from the old phone. Got a few more in the new phone, but I'm gonna break for now.