August 1st, 2010

green rose

singled out again

This week at work (where I teach), I found these two flyers below on the windshield of my car. My car only, not anyone else's car. The flyers, if you click on them you can see the full-size versions, talk about "if you are searching..." I'm sorry, but nothing about my car suggests that I am "searching" for god or a new religion. It's plastered with tributes to reason and science and freethinking. The only reason this was left on my car was an attempt to pressure me to conform. It was an act of intimidation. Everyone else is okay, but you are deviant and you must be saved.

Of course, such methods will fail to persuade.

Whoever left them was from this church. I left them a note to let them know their flyers were not appreciated, because, after all, I don't leave flyers on their cars telling them to repent of their irrationality or anything else of the sort. And when they single out an individual car to leave these flyers on, it's no longer just a general attempt at advertising. I didn't leave my contact info, though. The last thing I want is to engage in a debate about free speech. Do they have the right to do it? Yes, but they are hypocrites if they don't expect the same in return.

This kind of thing happened to me three times last quarter at the other school. Happening at this one is new, and I'm not at all happy about it. It strikes me that someone is stepping up a campaign against atheists locally, and this is just the beginning. I hope it ends here, but one never can tell. Sometimes people behave very irrationally.

repent! repent!
flyer left on car 7/27 inside
obey! obey!
flyer left on car 7/27
believe! believe!
flyer #2 left on my car 7/27
proclaim! proclaim!
flyer #2 left on my car 7/27

Incidentally, I watched 8 a couple weeks. You should, too, to see how they justly deserve to lose their tax-exempt status. Churches influencing elections is a no-no.

buried on the desk...

Oops! Three times last quarter, you say? Where are the rest...

Right, after that "wallet" and the happy-face "convert or burn in hell" message was left on my car, two weeks later (and the only one in the parking lot) was the "dollar bill" posted below. Sorry... it got buried on the desk. :(

Just to let you know how totally nuts these people are, check out the website on the end of the backside of the bill. They are linked to Ray Comfort. Yeah, need I really say anything more?

The truly disgusting part, though, is that this turned into a genuine campaign when two weeks after this, someone defaced my car with a really racist bumpersticker. (You can find the image in my twitter files.) I called campus police after that one.

As always, click to see a larger version.

$1000 $1000
left on my car May 2010
$1000 backside $1000 backside
left on my car May 2010