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The Book of Mormon (Part 9)

Well, I continue to listen to the Book of Mormon, but now that my long summer driving is over, it will be tough to do blow-by-blows as the weird bits come up, since I'm only listening to them in 15-minute intervals.

Still, my impressions from disk #13 did not improve my impression of the book at all since it is full of logical contradictions. The land of the Nephites is supposed to be a land where there is freedom of religion, BUT, the books constantly talk about them as one people blessed by god, as if, even though there is freedom, no one actually disagrees... or at least, not very often. And there is one lovely part where the general/leader Moroni (the one who, as an angel, comes to Joseph Smith to reveal the location of the books) tells the people that they will swear to defend the nation and god or else be put to death.

Oh, yes, very free indeed.

And for all the iniquities that the Laemonites are supposed to be doing, I haven't really heard of that many. And recently, it was a Nephite general who snuck into the tent of the enemy king by night and ran him through in his bed. So, I'm not really seeing that much of a difference, except that one group claims to believe in Jesus--even though, remember this is still BCE--and the other doesn't.

And of course, we already know from prophecy--which ALWAYS comes true--that the Nephites are going to mostly turn against god and be slaughtered, so... I'm still missing what the point of all this is.


I'm on disc #14. It's really dull and boring and repetitive at this point, but I slog on. I'm really missing notices about hitting the end of the CD because I ended up listening to almost half of disc #13 twice because I couldn't tell if it was genuinely repeating or if it just SEEMED that way.
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