inafoxhole (inafoxhole) wrote,

The Book of Mormon (Part 10)

I'm finally up to CD #16. Just 5-1/2 more to go!

Just a couple of impressions.

One thing I realized today is that while they do a lot of executing, they don't talk about stoning... and since this is supposed to be a culture of BCE Jews originally, and the Old Testament is pretty big on stoning, that's a notable hole.

The other weird thing, in Helamon 6? they talk about how the Nephites are rapidly going down the road to iniquity and the book talks about how they haven't a had war in five years, and that's why they are becoming sinful!

That's a new one!

On a related topid, there is a new movie coming out about the Mormons, and since I've gone to all the trouble of reading/listening to their book, I might as well try to find the movie locally. It's called September Dawn. It's about a massacre of settlers heading west who were in "Mormon territory" in 1857. The other September 11th, I guess.

How much you wanna bet Mitt Romney will be asked about this?
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