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Book of Mormon (Part 11) and other stuff

Two things about my recent listening to the Book of Mormon caught my attention. Jesus has now arrived in the story (yes, in the new world). One thing that irritated me was that he talks about how he is the "alpha and the omega".


Sorry, but this is a reference to Greek, which didn't exist when these "Jews" supposedly left the old world, and which no one would have any context whatsoever to decypher. And if this is supposed to be a translation from another ancient language, why the use of Greek to render this? Beginning and end wouldn't suffice, and convey the meaning better? Or is this just outright plagarism from the KJV?

I also came across yet another reference to the "bad guys" converting to the true faith and becoming white. And this one was far less subtle than the last such reference I found.

This one Mensa email list I joined last week has started several arguments with me over atheism. Recently, it's been about the Boy Scouts. Some of these people are infuriating. They are constantly raising fallacious arguments like what about other organizations that discriminate for other reasons? And obviously a lot of other people disagree, and on and on. One email contained at least three separate fallacies. We really need to do a better job teaching people how to think.
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