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Christian martyrs

It's 9/11 and the obligatory tripe from the religious is well underway.

I received the following email from a former student sent as a mass mailing from school servers (the person apparently went into all her old classes and sent this to everyone she ever met anywhere, and probably thought she was doing a good thing, too).

I hope this does not offend anyone, for that is not my intention.
I would like to extend my prayers to anyone who were effected by the tragedies of 9/11. I believe as citizens of this country we were all effected one way or the other. However, we know that in all the we do and go through God is in control.
May God Bless America and all its citizens.

Now, see, I could've let it go, if she had just stopped with ...we were all effected one way or the other. But she didn't. Why, why, why do Christians feel the need to do this???

So, I sent back the following reply:

School email lists are not really the place for this or mass mailings of any kind not related to the actual course. It's a misuse of company bandwidth. It makes your tuition go up.

However, I probably would not have replied to mention it if you had stopped about two sentences short, but there ARE atheists/agnostics/deists and a host of other non-Christian faiths out there who would NOT appreciate some of your sentiments. Offering remembrances is one thing; using a tragedy to pimp for god is another. I know both religious and irreligious people who would be deeply offended by what you wrote. Please consider in the future that everyone listening might not actually believe what you believe.

See, I didn't think that was hateful or angry. Other than using the work "pimp" perhaps. :)

I received the following message in reply, again, sent via the mass mailing list (these people just don't get it).

I sent an email earlier this morning, which has led me to receive alot of hate mails in return. I apologize to anyone who feel offended by what I wrote. I am not preaching religion,I was personally effected by what happened on 9/11. For the past 3 years the words of kindness and support I receive from people that I have yet to meet, helped me tremendously. Hence, the reason Felt compelled to offer my sentiments to anyone effected.
I was not aware that this would be considered inappropriate and may cost me my enrollment here at
[School Name redacted].
Again, I apologize and will refrain from sending any other email not pertaining to the course of study.

Can we be a little more melodramatic? Who did she send it to that it could cost her her enrollment at school? I'm certainly not reporting her. I just wanted her to consider her word choice, and who she is spamming and what with. As long as no one says anything, people will continue to think this is okay, and it's not okay. And seriously, if you really think something MIGHT offend someone, why not consider why they might be offended before you send it? And maybe even, consider not sending it? I mean, isn't this the same argument they use against atheists?
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