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The Book of Mormon (Part 13) & conference prep

This is the last part (I think). I finally made it through the last of 21 disks of this crazy book. There is a "bonus CD" that I may or may not comment on (I suppose I will if it's complete drivel), but the main part of the reading is done.

The last CD was just a mess. It just got to a point where nothing was making sense anymore. One almost has the impression that many of these stories were made up independently and then knitted together. Too many of the main characters all go by the same name which doesn't help. Which instantiation of Mormon and his son Moroni was the last one? The third I think? Nuts.

And all the characters are wooden and basically the same. They are BAD or they are holier-than-thou preachers. At least in the Bible David had a completely different personality than Moses. Not to say a completely admirable one, but at least different. The next time someone tells me my characters are one-dimensional, I shall refer them to the Book of Mormon for comparison. Sheesh!

The last disk also included a long list of conditions one needed to satisfy to be good and be considered godly, and thus, go to heaven. Basically, it seemed to be suggesting a common sentiment: you can't be good unless you believe in god in just the right way, and even if you do do things that appear good, they aren't really good unless you've got the other part. Good is very conveniently defined to be "what true-believers do". Curiously (because I'd never heard of it before) there was also a long diatribe against infant baptism.

I have a long list of things that need to be accomplished before I leave bright and early for the AAI conference tomorrow. I'm gonna be spending 14 hours in the car, so I'll probably get a few disks of listening to the Bible, but I might take a break and listen to Machiavelli for a while. I'll post updates here about the conference throughout. The Blackberry will come in handy for instant updates! :)
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