inafoxhole (inafoxhole) wrote,

made it!

I arrived at my hotel in one piece. My TomTom was both a blessing and a curse. I ran into a roadblock on the way through DC and if I had only printed out a map from Google I would have been fucking screwed. But I was able to program in the roadblock and get an alternate route. Of course, it tried to get me to cross four lanes of freeway during rush hour to take an exit, but every time I went off the route, it recalculated for me. Making illegal U-turns are not really my thing either. I did run into a more serious problem with it. I had no problem finding the Crowne Plaza where the convention is, and according to Google, my hotel is about 4-5 blocks from there... But the TomTom kept sending me out to a different part of the city on the other side of the airport. I finally had to call the hotel and get them to direct me the last couple blocks.

But, like I said, I made it, and all is well.

I listened to The Prince by Machiavelli on the way down. And one thing was very clear to me, Machiavelli's reputation is undeserved. For one thing, he is talking entirely in this book about princes, I.e. Despotic rulers. He very clearly states that he discusses leaders of republics elsewhere. He also describes a number of different situations in which a prince might rein and he stresses two things: be flexible, and know who it is that is helping to keep you in power and be good to them--but not too good. Anyone who tries to use the advice of The Prince to run a republic is missing the point.

Anyway, I worked late last night and had to get up early, so I am probably going to veg out here for a while. Later on tonight, around 8ish, there is a "Dessert Extravaganza" to which I have a ticket! Christopher Hitchens, Julia Sweeney, Matthew Chapman, and a surprise, are supposed to be there.

Now I'm not making any promises about anything. I didn't bring my audiobook of God is Not Great to be signed (autographs are not my thing), and a room full of strangers is not exactly my forte. But I will see what I can do.

I guess my 2+2=5 t-shirt may not be entirely appropriate for that? But forget about the blazer!

I suppose I should also think about a light dinner.
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