inafoxhole (inafoxhole) wrote,

Friday evening

Well, rather predictably, I chickened out over the 11 am speech about suicide bombing. Going out and coming back to sit around for four hours and going back out didn't seem like a good plan. So, I sat in my hotel room and ate room service and slept late and worked on my novel. And thus I didn't run into the RRS people to schedule a blasphemy challenge video. I suppose that may be a wise thing in the end.

There was a reception and program that started at 5, and I did go out for that. The recpetion was good. The food was good. I ate sushi and chicken fingers (the size of real fingers) and spinach filled pastries and meatballs and apparently bacon-wrapped scallops.

Afterward, Richard Dawkins and Sam Harris both gave talks. Richard is promoting consciousness raising like feminists. Sam would like to abolish all atheist labels. The consensus in the room is that it's too early for that. He also talked about meditation again. That didn't go over well. He certainly enjoys taking risks!

Incidentally, the conference is now available on internet feed. Don't ask me where.

I'm staying for "The History of Disbelief". I'll never make it back to order breakfast in the morning. :( I also chatted with someone from Montana today named Tyler. He's off seeing The Root of all Evil.
Tags: aai, brief history of disbelief, dawkins, root of all evil, sam harris

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