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I'm at work. I made it as scheduled. The trip cost me a fortune (probably more than I should have spent on anything), but there it is. The next hotel/motel I stay in is really going to seem lacking compared to that down comforter.

On the way back, I listening to Thomas Paine's The Age of Reason. Understanding the world in which he lived, I will set aside all the blather about "proving" there is a god, particularly in light of his general antitheism. I liked his comments, of course about how Astronomy is the chiefest of all sciences! But I do have to question his insistence that learning languages, especially dead ones, is a waste of time. Particularly after he himself admits that translations are imperfect, and then to suggest that all the important books had already been translated and thus there was no need to learn the languages ever again. His suggestion of semantic drift in the word "prophesy" in particular is especially strange. If he'd learned the original (dead) languages he'd have been able to refute in advance (with evidence) the apparent absurdity of his argument.

I also listened to the first CD (of 60) of the Bible, mostly just Genesis, I think. The writing is significantly better than the Book of Mormon.

I decided to listen to Robert Ingersoll Gods and Individuality before I got any further into the Bible. Now there is an antitheist! And for supposedly being the "Great Agnostic" he is clearly an atheist. His discussions of various gods and the power of religion to suppress thought, rationality and individualism were powerful. The last track of Individuality I think I want to return to and maybe quote some things from when I got time.

I need more Robert Ingersoll! (Especially after I get done with this Bible thing.)
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