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2007 AAI Convention pics

If you are expecting high quality, professional pics, think again. People most out of the way when you have a gigantic camera. When you are 5' tall and carry an old digital, people don't even see you when they stand in your shot, and don't bother to apologize. Especially not Ayaan's bodyguards!

ayaan hirsi ali signing books ayaan hirsi ali signing books
You know who messed up this shot? That's a bodyguard in the foreground!
that's richard dawkins! that's richard dawkins!
talking to one of the other convention speakers
richard dawkins signing books richard dawkins signing books
dan dennett dan dennett
He and Ayaan where impossible to get good shots of
dan dennett again dan dennett again
this one is a tad better
christopher hitchens being mobbed christopher hitchens being mobbed
the poor man can't even take a drink without getting pestered!
atheist symbols atheist symbols
these were the atheist symbols being voted on at the convention. personally, I hate them all.

Hey, it's the best I could do. I usually go on vacation without the camera, so this is a far cry more than I usually bring back.

Incidentally, for those of you that wanted to be there but couldn't, you can get streaming info at this link. It will be up for a limited time for a fee. I anticipate someone will post parts of it to YouTube eventually.
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