inafoxhole (inafoxhole) wrote,

this 'god' nonsense IS about morals

Absitence-only sex ed or health care for children. Which seems more important to you?

One cannot help but question a person's moral character if they really believe that it's more important that teenagers not have (safe) sex than it is for young children to survive disease. The moral bankruptcy of caring about sex more than the lives of children is so shockingly transparent to the atheist and yet, if the people running the Republican party are to be believed, so terribly difficult to see for the Christian.

Does religion poison everything? Perhaps, perhaps not, but it certainly creates enough cognitive dissonance that people are starting to believe their own lies.

Another perfectly good example is putting thirteen-year-olds in prison for life. Based on everything we know about the development of teenager's brains, to say that they are able to distinguish right from wrong in an emotionally charged situation is ludicrous, even if they can do it in an unemotional context. Their higher reasoning centers have not fully developed. To punish them as teenagers as though they were adults is to hold them up to a standard that they can't possibly hope to achieve... it is to set them up for failure. And then to refuse, later, after 10 or even 20 years, to reconsider their punishments... this is immoral, and deeply rooted in Protestant Christian culture.

Come to think of it, impossible expectations are the problem with absitence-only sex ed, as well.

What's more important to you? Caring for the elderly in their final years, or being offended because they happen to be gay?

Sometimes it certainly seems like anything Christians touch becomes poison.
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