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Oh, Ohio

Some Columbus school board candidates said today that they support student prayer in school, and at least one said he advocates teaching creationism.

Can I cry?

When the candidates were asked whether they support students learning creationism, being allowed to organize open prayer in schools and learning from religious texts, candidate Mike Wiles simply replied, "Yes."

He later explained that he thinks teaching religion and exposing students to creationism would make for more well-rounded students.

"Where could it hurt?" he asked. Wiles also said he doesn't support separation of church and state.

At least I know who NOT to vote for. I need to send some money to the other people.\

Incumbent Carol L. Perkins, who was appointed to the school board in February, said it was a disservice to students to take organized prayer out of schools, but she doesn't think it can be returned under current laws.

"We should give our students the opportunity to say a silent prayer in their own space, based on their own methods and their own religions," Perkins said.

Yikes, there's another one I'm not voting for!

If this is the best Columbus can do, are they going to FORCE me to run for school board and scandalize everyone with my disbelief? Like I don't have enough to do, I have to save American from their own willful ignorance!
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