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this is horrible

Federal court rules druggists may withhold Plan-B.

A federal judge has suspended controversial state rules requiring pharmacies to dispense so-called "Plan B" emergency contraceptives, saying the rules appear to unconstitutionally violate pharmacists' freedom of religion.

The rules appear to force pharmacists to choose between their own religious beliefs and their livelihood, Judge Ronald B. Leighton of the U.S. District Court in Tacoma wrote Thursday.


Oh, so the rights of the pharmacists are more important than the rights of the public? How does this jive with other rulings about religious discrimination? Can car dealers not sell to customers on the basis of religious discrimination? What if it violates their religious beliefs to sell to atheists? What about apartment owners or managers? Can they refuse to rent to Jews because they are Christians and Jews are Jesus-killers? Can a firefighter refuse to save the house of a Muslim because he believes God set it on fire in the first place? Can a doctor refuse a life-saving medical treatment to a patient even if they oppose it and there is no one else to do it? A medical professional can't refuse to treat gays or people with HIV, why do they get to decide about Plan B? Whose rights are more important?

If they can't do the job, they should find another line of work.
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