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Even the freakin' Bible doesn't agree with her!!

Watch the video (while it lasts). Sherri on The View thinks there were no religions before Jesus. Even her Bible disagrees!!

You know, what bothers me most about this is not really that she doesn't know. It's that even when challenged by not one, but two, of her co-hosts, she didn't back off her ridiculous claims. What bothers me is that she THINKS she knows, when in fact she doesn't know jack. It would be another thing altogether if she could admit her ignorance and just say, oh, well, I didn't know that. But instead, she just insists that she's right, no one could possibly know more than her. Christians are so wonderful and they've been around forever and it's you people who don't know anything. If she knows she doesn't care about the world, what makes her think she knows anything?

Arrogance and ignorance is a dangerous combination.

And with this kind of brilliance in the population, perhaps we should reconsider turning our education system into a mere job-training-program and go back to the idea of training people to be good citizens. If ever there was a need for a graduation exam for high school, one that included history and critical reasoning skills, now is the time.
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