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anti-atheist discrimination on CNN

According to CNN's website, Paula Zahn Now will attempt to correct the insanity of their last segment (from about 10 days ago) on anti-atheist discrimination which turned into little more than a farce. Tonight's schedule reads:

Monday's show

Discrimination - against atheists? Backlash from one of the most controversial stories we've ever brought "Out in the Open." Tune in Monday at 8 p.m. ET.

According to rumours from pharyngula and the M-Atheists lists (among others), among the guests tonight will be Richard Dawkins (author of The God Delusion) and Ellen Johnson, President of American Atheists.

I confess that I am feeling a bit skeptical about the quality of the program tonight. How could I not feel anything but cynical after watching the original program (search on YouTube for "Paula Zahn atheists" if you haven't seen it yet). Now they are trying to clean up the mess they made and respond to "thousands of angry emails" as the commercial for the segment claimed. But then, they went and bumped the show from last Thursday to today in order to speculate about the death of celebrity... that kind of sensationalist journalism hardly gives me confidence for what I'm going to see tonight.

I guess we'll find out in about an hour. I'll keep you posted.
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