inafoxhole (inafoxhole) wrote,

keeping track of the lunacy in Ohio

...can be a tough job since it seems to be cropping up everywhere.

The parent, a Frank Piper, whose daughter is a PV Middle School fifth-grader, is concerned because the district is teaching the “big bang theory” of the creation of the universe and not presenting students with alternatives to Darwin’s theory of evolution.

Um... huh? Darwin? The Big Bang? Biology and Astronomy? What do they have anything to do with one another?

Piper said his daughter is a straight A student and failed her test on the “big bang theory” because she didn’t understand it.

“We’re Christians,” he said. “I couldn’t even help her because I don’t understand it.”

Yeah, well, I don't understand them. I don't see how Darwin and the Big Bang relate. Please explain. How did Darwin's theory of Evolution have anything to do with cosmological theories about the origins of the universe? I mean, Darwin doesn't even explain abiogenesis... but now he's got the Big Bang covered, too. You're right, man. You DON'T understand.

But, since when was that a criteria for what was taught in schools? I couldn't get my mom to help me with math once I started doing fractions. Does that mean she could have asked the school board not to teach me anything else?

Superintendent Jake Rose said the district would look into whether it could teach both views as part of the curriculum.

Both views? Both views of what? That 2 + 2 = 5? Hey, that's my theory.
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