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Paula Zahn follow-up

I think the atheist segment is over now. I guess I'll leave it to others to get all the player's names right and post the video on YouTube and track down a transcript. Perhaps I'll post links eventually, but just a few thoughts...

Finally, a host who actually contributed! Who moderated! Instead of just letting everyone jabber on mindlessly.

Ellen Johnson and Richard Dawkins clearly have different views of theists. Ellen Johnson's view is much more cynical than Dawkin's. She thinks theists do know the truth about atheists, but simply choose to be bigoted. Dawkins believes that discrimination of atheists is based on a fundamental misunderstanding. I suspect that both views are true, and that some people are willfully ignorant to promote their bigotry.

The Reverend Petersen they had on there was a classic bigot, and he repeated many of the same claims that the previous panel had stated. He did not go unchallenged this time, but he did not really want to let the others speak.

The show did a much better job of avoiding statements that suggested that atheists were to blame for the discrimination they face.

The re-air of the video segment on anti-atheist discrimination had not be editted to correct their factual errors, like only 1-3% of Americans are atheists is not true... as many as 14% of Americans do not belong to any religion. And the truth is, atheist is such an ugly label that many people who really ARE atheists don't label themselves AS atheists.

I need a transcript before I can pick apart specific points, but they did manage to do a better job than their on-air "dress rehearsal".
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