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legislate against BCE and CE?

A push is on in Missouri to ban the use of CE and BCE instead of BC and AD.

Yeah, while you're at it, let's legislate the value of π while we're at it.

Using CE for the Common Era, and BCE for Before the Common Era is the only thing that makes sense. Consider, oh Christians, if Jesus was actually born in 1 AD? He wasn't. If Jesus existed, estimates put his birth somewhere between 8 and 3 BC. The whole dating system is off by between 2 and 8 years, so calling the era Anno Domini is a complete misnomer.

Furthermore, this is a dating system adopted by a wide variety of civilizations around the world, MOST of whom ARE NOT CHRISTIANS.

And since when did state legislatures get to decide what nomenclature would be used by historians?

Why is it that every time we take a step forward for equality and neutrality Christians whine about their loss of privilege?
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