inafoxhole (inafoxhole) wrote,

profane and angry

I want to say something here, but I'm not sure if it's going to make any sense.

We are , each of us, our own worst enemy.

That goes for us as individuals, and us as groups of people. We are our own harshest critics. And frankly, rarely is any of it particularly fair.

Am I angry? Sometimes, sure I am. Am I occasionally angrier than is really necessary? Maybe, but I'm passionate about a lot of things.

Am I profane? I fail to see the problem with that. Profanity, like everything else, has a time and place. I don't swear at my students, though from time to time I so allow a "damn" to slip by. But when someone is judging me, or making proclamations about situations they can't possibly know anything about, then by all means, I will fucking swear as much as I like. I don't have any silly religious reasons for not doing so, and other than the fact that profanity loses it's kick when you use it a lot, I don't really see any reason NOT to swear when it suits me.

I can't stand it when people jump to conclusions on next to zero information, or worse yet, because they've conveniently ignored information they've already been given.

Where is this coming from? My last post sparked some nasty exchanges when I posted it elsewhere. It was claimed that my apartment manager was going to ignore my request to call the church and please ask them to stop, despite that I had been told to let them know of anything like this and they would take care of it. I was compared to a cranky old man yelling at kids in the neighborhood for no reason because I bothered to be bothered at all. I was told to put up a sign, ignoring the fact that there is already a sign, and that's why I was ticked off in the first place--because the sign was ignored. I was told that my accuser was trying to "transcend" the us vs. them mentality by telling me I was in the wrong.... sure, let's kiss up to the "enemy" lest they find out what I really think of them. Good plan!

I'm sorry, but reading the minds of people you've never met before isn't particularly transcendent, especially when your point is to say "Betsy, fuck you." You're naive. And stupid. And a bitch to boot.

Why shouldn't I be upset? Both at the idea that religious people think they can't be held to the same rules as everyone else, and because this jackass thinks his way of doing things is wholely superior to mine, and that salient details that prove he's full of himself can just be ignored? I'm supposed to just lie down and take it? Fuck no!

So, yeah, I'm gonna swear. And I'm angry. And that's just too fucking bad.
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