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No Cussing Law passed in South Pasadena, CA. I don't know whether to laugh for pity these poor people for having nothing better to do. Surely, if they quit thinking about insignificant things like this and took the time to care about how well their children were learning math and science, the world would be a much nicer place. Cussing and all.

Speaking of math, I had an encounter with one of the math students I was tutoring. It didn't take long to figure out this poor kid was religious (by kid, I mean younger than me, not necessarily a minor). I was explaining something to him about trig and the law of sines and it didn't quite sink in, so he told me he'd pray on it.... Later, it finally all did click and he said he'd had an epiphany, then he corrected himself because, he said, since he was already saved, it was a 'revelation'.

Yeah, I kid you not.

And then later, he decided that women were better math teachers than men and this somehow turned into a discussion of Darwin, and how Darwin was a racist and a sexist and therefore, we shouldn't believe anything he said, and his views were inextricable from his theory.

This guy knows nothing about science clearly. Science is not like the Bible. You don't throw away everything just because one part is bad, and you don't have to accept everything at face value just because it you want to accept some other part. Darwin was a product of his day, just like Aristotle, Pythagoras, Newton, Jefferson, et al. You don't reject the Pythagorean Theorem because Pythagoras belonged to a cult that thought that the basic stuff of the universe was numbers, literally--not to mention they were insanely secretive and killed anyone who dared to tell the rest of the world about their weird beliefs. And you don't reject the entire Constitution (even if you want to amend it) just because Thomas Jefferson had slaves. And you don't reject Newton because he thought Alchemy was for real or that gravity was some kind of divine force or whatever (and surely he was just as sexist as any other man of his day). And you don't reject Darwin because he held the cultural biases of his day. His claims, if true, that women were less intelligent than men, and black men less intelligent than white men, have not been born out, while all the natural selection part of it has been born out by research... and he just kept insisting, no, I wrote a paper on it.

I really wanted to ask him where he got his research notes. Probably from some creationist slug. No wonder he's having problems with math. His sense of logic has been poisoned by all this crap. I mean, how many fallacies is that?

And that's not even mentioning one of my online students who really felt the need to share with the class that they were born again and loved Jesus. How do I explain to these people that they need to keep their religion to themselves?

How do these people find me??
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