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Barak Obama in Ohio

Democratic Presidential candidate Barak Obama was in Ohio yesterday. I have a question I've been saving up for him, but unfortunately, our schedules didn't really align well. He was supposed to be in Cleveland in the evening, after I'd already returned to Columbus; and he was in Columbus for lunch, while I was still teaching in Cleveland. (Not that it would have done me much good to be in Columbus, since I didn't have the $2300/plate in order to attend the fundraiser.)

The question I've been saving for him, though, is not one I really think he'd like, or even that he'd answer straight if I was able to ask it. But it's one that I think he in particular must address.

Why? Well, in large part because of statements he's made in the past that make it clear that of all the Democratic candidates, he has most bought in the the Republican tripe about religion belonging in public life, and that it is acceptable for a politician, a representative of the people to listen to their our religious voice, rather than listening to the will of the people, and what is best for America independent of religious excuses.


Senator Obama, what do you intend to do, as a candidate and potentially as President, to combat intolerance against atheists in this country? As you know, the last census figures indicate that 14% of Americans do not belong to an organized religion, and yet polls show that more than 50% of the American population would not vote for an atheist for public office. Recent news stories make clear that when atheists speak out on separation of church and state issues they are ostracized and even threatened with violence. I myself have received a death threat for daring to print in the newspaper that I could be a moral person without god. What are you going to do to help mitigate the level of antagonism that atheists face whenever they publicly admit their beliefs? How are you going to represent ME as President, Senator?


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