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that insane woman called me again...

Remember that phone call I got from some Christian minister in PA that sounded suspiciously like a threat laced with bible verses? She called back today.

This time, however, I was at home. I let the answering machine get it, and as soon as she said her name, I picked up the phone and asked if she was calling me back with more of her
"Christian propaganda"? (Yes, I said that!)

She said she was... she must have known exactly who I was... and I told her again that she needed to stop calling me. Hopefully, this time, if she's going down a list of numbers, she knows exactly who to take off the list. Damn it, I'm sick of this. I lived in PA for 4-1/2 years and didn't get any of these calls. Now that I'm in Ohio, she calls me twice in two months. What's up with this?
Tags: christianity, pennsylvania, prosyletizing

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