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How do you tell students online that their preaching god at their fellow students is just plain not acceptable?

One student posted about how hard she was working to complete her degree because it's something she always wanted, and she got this reply:


I don't know whether the first student is a Christian or not, but that's exactly the point. What if this student was Jewish? Never mind, atheist? How do you get across to these people that this, however well-intentioned, might be potentially rude and insulting. If 77% of Americans are Christian that means 3 out of 4... but that also means 1 out of 4 AREN'T!

Further down, she adds this to her intro:

My youngest son was involved in a serious car accident on x/xx/08 [date redacted to protect the innocent] where he died at the scene and God restored him. So I'm dealing with that and the Frontal Lobe Traumatic Brain Injury as a result that has affected his short term memory, critical thinking and problem solving skills which he has to have 24/7 supervision until released from doctor's care(about 12 months).

I understand that she's talking here about her personal reaction -- never mind how irrational it is (god brought him back to life but left him with long-term brain damage... good job there) -- but why does everything have to be about god?

But really, what do you say? In person, I can use "the look", but online, I almost have to email her in private, and as much as a smart ass as I sometimes come across as, I'm not sure I'm ready to take that step unless it continues.

And then another student in my other class does pretty much the same kind of thing: My personal interests is God of which I am thankful every day for the daily bread.


Every time one of these sessions start I dread the religious intros. Why, oh why???



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Apr. 29th, 2008 02:48 pm (UTC)
Wow. That's a tough one to deal with. Um, is there a community board where all of your students would see it on line that way it doesn't seem like you're singling one person out for their "faith" in that retard making god of theirs, but instead would seem like a reminder of proper internet protocol and etiquette...that way, there is something for you to point to if they persist in making people uncomfortable.
Apr. 29th, 2008 03:38 pm (UTC)
This is posted in their public intro thread that everyone can read. I'm reluctant to reply to the thread because the last time I emailed one of these Christian students about such a thing, the student went completely overboard. All I told her was that it was inappropriate (that time about mass-emailing the class some religious thing, a prayer or something and told her it was "stealing bandwidth" reserved for academic uses only) and she thought she was going to get kicked out of school and posted a very public and panicky reply to the public thread. I may email someone at the school about this. I'm sure they're going to say that some of it I just have to deal with if that's what people are interested in, but I'm wondering there is something listed somewhere in the rules od netiquette that they not offend their classmates and at least stop and think before they post to their classmates on religion.
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