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it's all about the Bible on the desk


For several weeks now, there has been a story in the news about a teacher from Mount Vernon, Ohio who won't remove his personal bible from his desk. And of course, that's all it's about... or so some conservative Christians in the area would have you believe. For I imagine they must be conservative Christians with some other agenda in mind to ignore the rest of the story. But slashed on the front page of the Columbus Dispatch on the day the story broke nationally was the "hot issue" poll, and all it asked about was whether the teacher should be allowed to keep his bible on his desk. That's it.

Sadly, there is far more to the story than this.

See the article that ran the same day in the Dispatch. It starts out talking about how this same teacher burned a cross into a student's arm with a high voltage device.

How easily things get overlooked when someone starts screaming about how they are being persecuted for their Christian religion. Never you mind all the times I've flaggrantly violated school policy or actually harmed my students, I'm a victim, can't you see that???

Yeah, see, that's exactly how it's being played all over small town Ohio. Just look at this "opinion piece" from the Bucyrus Telegraph. The letter is all about the bible, and how taking the bible out of schools is what led to the awful state of our schools, and on and on with similar nonsense. And yet this guy had a bible on his desk, and he burned his students with a high voltage device to "teach them science". Oh, yeah, just the kind of schools we need in this country.

I don't get nearly enough traffic on this site to throw a poll, but wouldn't it be nice if this ridiculous poll was flooded with "no" responses? Because right now, it's the only issue anyone is seeing.

And it's this kind of ridulous pseudo-victimization that is driving the public debate, not just in the papers, but in the school itself. Students who object, or whose parents object, to the teacher are being bullied and harrassed in school by their Christian peers. And if you are non-Christian, never mind an atheist, everyone assumes you are "the enemy". Or so says the local newpaper, the Mount Vernon News, here.

Yep. This is just want we want. Christianity back in the public schools. Oh, yeah. It will solve everything.
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