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I swear, I can get into a screaming match with my mother in particular over absolutely nothing at just about any time.

I called my dad to wish him a Happy Father's Day. That was tough for me, because even though dad doesn't get it, I don't really get a long with him. But I even watched golf on TV today so we'd have something to talk about. And my new motorcycle... though seriously, he hardly let me get a word in edgewise. And then while talking about golf, he had to bring up his chiropractor. And of course, argument. Not as bad as some, but just because he got better after seeing the chiropractor doesn't mean chiropractic is science. If it were, it have passes peer review and double-blind studies. And it hasn't. I'm glad he felt better, but it's a logical fallacy. But I let it go for the most part.

But then I called mom. And all I had to do was mention what we'd talked about, and she's screaming at me that when I suggest they think more carefully about the efficacy of chiropractic that what I'm really doing is telling them they are stupid. I tried telling her that I was just encouraging her to think about it more skeptically, critcally, and objectively... but after listening to her accuse me for a while, I finally told her that, yes, I did think chiropractors were quacks and I was trying to protect my family from those who would take advantage of them!

That shut her up.

What does she want me to say? Yes, I think you're stupid and gullible for buying into this shit? Can you believe she actually gives credence to other people's insane fears that there is a big giant conspiracy among the AMA? It's like she thinks that if a disease is known, it must be curable, so merely treating symptoms is just a doctor's way of getting patients out of their hair.

Christ. How can I be related to these people?
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