inafoxhole (inafoxhole) wrote,

boy am I glad

I'm glad on two accounts...

1) The crazed Christian "science" teacher from just north of Columbus, John Freshwater, is being sued for promoting religion in a public school.

2) I don't have to go back and teach at the community college in town where my views are in a distinct minority for another two weeks.

Read the article carefully about what it says he did, not just keep a bible on his desk, but post 10 Commandments on the wall, question the validity of evolution (NOT in the state science curriculum! mind you), and torture his students with electrical devices that burned crosses into their arms. He has also encouraged other students to proselytize their classmates and provided them with bibles to hand out. And more! This isn't about free speech. What about respecting the views of his students? What about doing his job? Outside of school, he can do or say anything he wants, but inside the classroom, he is an instrument of the state, and if he can't draw that line for a few hours a day, he needs to find another line of work... or just go work at a private school that agrees with his messed up beliefs.

Here's some more links from the Mount Vernon News where all this is going on:

08.06.17 Lawsuit filed against school, teacher
05.05.29 Group repeats demand for answer to Bible question
08.05.28 Group stages protest outside of offices
08.05.13 Large crowd addresses MV school board
08.05.06 Parents express concern about environment at school
08.05.05 Investigation under way against Freshwater
08.04.29 Tesla coils used to show electric current
08.04.25 Experiments typical part of curriculum
08.04.24 Freshwater controversy continues
08.04.22 Teacher conduct subject of investigation
08.04.19 ACLU supports MV school board decision
08.04.19 Students rally in support of science teacher
08.04.18 Video of student rally
08.04.17 Crowd shows support for MV science teacher
08.04.16 Wednesday afternoon rally in support of teacher
06.12.16 Spreading the word about faith and football

Some of these links have video.

Update: the day after I posted this, we had more breaking news on the case.

ABC News reports Freshwater has been fired after an independent investigation. Articles are popping up all over the Net now.
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