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I've been listening today to the audiobook of Irreligion: A mathematician explains why the arguments for god just don't add up by John Allen Paulos. I had some driving today and that got me through most of it. I'm listening to the end right now.

He goes through a number of "proofs" of the existence of god and explains a lot of the crazy probabilistic arguments theists try to make against evolution or for their god without understanding what they are doing (or deliberately obscuring reality).

He covers:
The First Cause Argument
The Argument from Design
The Ontological Argument
Arguments from Faith & Biblical Codes (numerology)
The Argument from the Anthropic Principle
The Moral Universality Argument
The Argument from Complexity
Argument from Miracles
and others (12 in all)

He does make a point of disagreeing with Dawkins at one point... and then agreeing with him elsewhere. He also invokes several of the other "New Atheists" and Arthur C. Clarke.

This a particularly relevant book given the list of "proofs" for god I've been going through. From glancing through the list, Paulos would consider many of the 50 just repetitions from his 12.

Very enjoyable. I didn't think Dawkins was particularly shrill, but I have a hard time imagining how anyone could describe Paulos that way.
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