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Explanations and Introductions


So, let me explain the name of my blog and tell you a little bit about myself.

First of all, yes, I am an atheist. I think I always doubted, but I really tried to believe until I was about sixteen or seventeen. It was then that I realized just how unhealthy it was for me to keep trying so hard to believe in something that was so fundamentally destructive. That was more than half a lifetime ago. Perhaps as time goes on I'll talk more about this, but for now, this will have to do.

As for the rest, it comes from a reference to an anti-atheist slur going back to World War II: "There are no atheists in foxholes." The slur is, of course, patently untrue as many atheists have served, and given there lives for this country. But in a context beyond the military, the slur is meant to suggest that a person can only be an atheist when things are going good, but that when things get really dangerous (or in other ways meaningful) that atheists will abandon their disbelief. It's a way of suggesting that atheists are arrogant, and that they aren't really atheists after all, they are just pretending to be. Thus the "atheist in a (metaphorical) foxhole" is meant to suggest just the opposite. Atheists in this country are underseige, and rather than giving up our disbelief, more and more of us are finally speaking up and putting ourselves in the line of fire.

I was born in a slightly left-leaning part of the country, but since I was a teenager, I've lived in some fairly right-leaning, and very religious places. Currently, I find myself in Columbus, Ohio, the bastion of "middle America". But since it's still widely considered acceptable to discriminate and loathe atheists across the country, I doubt this place will prove to be all that much different than Indiana or Pittsburgh.

My goal with this blog is just to talk about some of my experiences and thoughts on religion, local politics, and my experiences as an atheist. Prompting polite discussion would be nice, but otherwise, just documenting these things are good enough.

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