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50 reasons (NOT) to believe in god

[I'm procrastinating before leaving for a day. Don't know when I'll get back to this tomorrow, if at all, so I'm posting the next one now... and then maybe I'll give in and write a couple quizzes before I go. :(]

#24 Matter cannot organize itself. An uneaten tomato will not progress on its own accord to form a perfect pineapple. It will transform into mould, into disorganization. The laws of evolution fall flat.

Reading this list, it always amazes me how many misconceptions of evolution are buried in them. It's as if theists believe that if they can defeat evolution then all will be well, and the bible must be true! When nothing could be further from the truth. It is a false dichotomy that they have set up in their own minds, and it's really rather a shame. Evolution may refute the Old Testament version of the origin of the life, but it has no bearing on the question of whether or not there is some kind of generic god. Of course, it's that not-knowing that must scare them, because to admit that their bible doesn't tell them the truth about their god means that they don't really know anything about him... and how can they appease him if they are completely ignorant of what he wants. It is that illusion of control that they cling to.

However, one can hardly help but laugh... a tomato turning into a pineapple? I don't remember that part in my evolutionary biology textbook? Am I missing something??? :)

I should also point out that mould is not disorganization. Mould is alive, so it's just another form of organization, so her claim that a tomato becomes disorganized falls flat.

Implicit in this argument is a premise that evolution violates Newton's law of entropy, which is false, because the Earth is not a closed system.

As for the claim that matter cannot organize itself, the only part that really requires a god... I have seen no evidence for that claim. Quarks organize into protons and neutrons, and neutrons and protons, together with electrons organize into atoms, and atoms organize into molecules... I don't see any need for god in any of that. It's simply a basic consequences of the laws of physics (and chemistry when we get big enough). Certain kinds of well-constructed molecules keep organizing with energy input, and others are poorly constructed and they fall apart. No god is necessary.

I'm gonna be laughing about that tomato-pineapple transformation the whole weekend, though!
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