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50 reasons (NOT) to believe in god

#27 'Chance' isn't the cause of something. It just describes what we can't find a reason for.

'God' isn't an explanation for anything. It just describes what we can't find a reason for.

Boy, that was so much fun, let's try another!

#28 Science and logic do not hold all the answers -- many people are aware of forces at work which we have no understanding of & no control over.

I never said science has all the answers, and neither has any scientist ever claimed to have all the answers. This theist is projecting their own claim of infallibility and perfect knowledge onto others. Logic is just the best means we have for figuring things out... and it works pretty well, too. And it's far more reliable than solutions proposed by theists, like prayer. C'mon. It doesn't have to be perfect to be better in any quantitative way you care to propose.

Of course, control is an illusion. Our best understanding of science says that much of the universe is probabilistic. We can exercise control over these forces only to the extent that they are 1) amenable to control, and 2) can be understood. But the fact that we don't have control of everything in the universe, or that we can't understand everything in the universe, doesn't mean that someone else does. Believing that someone does have those powers is itseslf a form of exercising the illusion of control over the universe. But like everything else, it is an illusion, nothing more.

And I've got to do one more, because the next one is priceless!!

#29 Look at the date/year on our calendar -- 2000 years ago since what? Our historical records (other than the Bible) record evidence of Jesus' existence.


First of all, the second statement about Jesus existing in historical records is basically false. There are a few brief references, but they all post-date the alleged time of his existence by several decades, and are almost certainly based on the Bible, an oral tradition, or the young Christian sect established in Judea. Since they are just based on Christian tradition, they provide no evidence other than a date for the existence of the cult, not for the existence of Jesus himself. Further, several of the historical claims made in the Bible about events surrounding his birth are flatly contradicted in extant historical documents. So, there is really no independent evidence of Jesus' existence.

But more to the point, even if Jesus did exist, that does not support the claim made in the Bible that he was the son of god, or even that he claimed to be the son of god. And being the son of god was a popular myth in both Greek and Egyptian traditions (whose cults were popular throughout the Hellenistic world in which the Middle East was a part). Other religions started at the time made similar claims... and yet you reject those claims as being true.

And don't even get me started on how classical writers like to fancy up their "nonfiction" with embellishments that were completely fabricated.

Furthermore, many calendar dating systems exist. The Romans calendar dated from 735 years before the one we are working on, and supposedly started with Romulus and Remus. Is our theist claiming Romulus and Remus were for real? That they really were raised in the wild by a wolf? And what about the Muslim dating system? Does it's mere existence mean that Mohammed was really visited by the angel Gabriel? Or the Japanese dating system really mean that the Emperor is a god? That's an awful lot to claim on the basis of a dating system.

And dare I remind our dear theist that the calendar is off by about 4-7 years according to Biblical scholars best estimates? What exactly are we counting from then? And what does that prove?? I can find a dozen other interesting and important historical events that happened about that time, too. So what?
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